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Quality Home Heating

Quality Home Heating, Inc. was started in 1988 by my father, Bill Elgar. He was not only dedicated and hard working but self motivated. He started Quality Home Heating after GoodYear Tire and Rubber closed its doors. At the age of 44, he was not afraid to tackle returning to school, to achieve successful completion at New England Tech in the Heating Program. My father's strong beliefs in providing "outstanding customer service" , detail to attention, professional skills along with his charisma helped him to build his customer base to over 1500 customers in a short time. He was considered a master of all trades~ licensed pipefitter, mechanic and farmer.

In 2003, my Dad was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. He began mentoring myself and my husband on the mechanics of the business.This was not an easy task for any of us. It was at this time, I realized exactly how kind my father was to people he did not even know. He extended not only his labor but at times, would buy parts and never charge the customer, if the customer was financially strapped. My father could not emphasize the importance of quality relationships with his customers.

In December 2004, he lost the battle with Bladder Cancer. I, own and operate, Quality Home Heating Inc., as an honor. Every customer that I encounter is greatly appreciated and is provided with nothing less than quality service.

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Old fashion quality service resides in our name and with our service

"Rules of the Trade", Our Philosophy

Rule 1:

We believe in educating our customers. There might have been a time when the reset button could have been hit - if it's function was known.



Rule 2 : 

Our service technician should always conduct himself in a professional and courteous manner no matter the time of day. If you feel that your service was less than optimal, I would like to hear from you as soon as possible so that the issue is quickly addressed. It is our commitment to you to always provide you with QUALITY service and quality service never goes out of style. Call us anytime, day or night. Your Emergency becomes ours. 


Rule 3 :  

Years of dedications, competent skilled technicians and outstanding customer service has made Quality Home Heating Inc a reliable and reputable business where we do not need to advertise in the Yellow Pages. Many thanks and gratitude to our customers for their repeat business and  referrals.

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