Compliance with the law

If you're like most people you didn't know that a few years back the state of Massachusetts passed a law in regard to upgrading your old oil line. Oil companies began to inspect your oil lines and if they found it was not an encapsulated line they would refuse you service. That means no oil delivered to you because of an old or faulty line that did not meet their standards. You'd be left in the cold. If an oil company inspected your line to ensure compliance with the law and found the line not to be encapsulated, it is their right not to deliver you oil. They could deliver you some oil but probably not what you had intended. That would leave you in a jam to get us out to your home to upgrade

Top 5 Reasons to have your boiler/furnace serviced...

Most people don't stop to consider scheduling a routine maintenance check until there is a problem. Here are the TOP FIVE reasons to consider scheduling an annual check up with Quality Home Heating. 1. The manufacturer of your boiler /furnace recommends that it be routinely serviced and maintenance yearly to ensure efficiency and detect potential costly repairs. 2. Proper maintenance means the fuel is being burned as efficiently as it should be. 3. Checks for carbon monoxide abnormal levels. 4. Underserved heating systems can lead to cracked heat exchangers, puff backs (leaving soot everywhere) , chambers disintegrated causing the fire to burn with no protection and potentially put a hole in

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