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Customer Relationships are Important

In the oil burner servicing field, a homeowners safety is entrusted to you to provide them a safe and economical heating environment. So, aside from routine maintenance if you need to have your oil fired heating system replaced, I provide a free visit with an engineer and a well seasoned licensed oil burner technician in preparation for the quote. In most cases, the technician will return to the homeowner with a professionally prepared quote and answer any of your questions.

If the homeowner elects to obtain additional quotes [ it is advisable] and there is a huge difference in costs, it's usually not being compared "apples to apples". So, the bottom line to secure the job, one needs to be hands-on and explain the differences to the homeowner. This allows for the customer to be informed of the difference between the quotes and intelligently make an informed decision. I truly frown upon "giving a ballpark figure."

The owner, service technicians and staff with Quality Home Heating Inc realize that “it may just be a boiler or furnace“ but we know that there is a human element involved. When you to meet with the client, you are able to present the problem, educate the customer with the problem and resolve the problem. Communication is an important factor with us and on our website, we emphasize the importance of both. We try to educate our homeowners with the “simple at home tasks” that perhaps they can do themselves to either help troubleshoot or resolve the problem. It may be a temporary resolve but at least they have heat until our licensed service technician can get to them. Sometimes it is a fix, other times not, but at least the customer knows we attempted to resolve the issue for them immediately. It is necessary to remember the human aspect of the equation. The technicians are informative and educated and have been trained to re-educate the consumer or homeowner to their specific heating needs. As a consumer, never feel afraid to ask questions, if the technician cannot answer your question, then they should be able to get an answer for you.

As always, if you need anything, don't hesitate to call Cheryl at 508-763-2777.

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1 Comment

arthur franco
arthur franco
Jan 14, 2023

Just want to thank the team at quality home heating for their service.

When I had an emergency their promptly showed up on a Saturday and resolved my issue

Will and recommend them highly without any reservation

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