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  • Katelyn Fisher

Reliable and Knowledgeable Repair Service

There are some in the industry that have pressed on their customers that fall and winter are the seasons for annual maintenance. While this is true, because you do want your equipment working efficiently, we also want you to know that you can schedule annual maintenances all year long. Did you know? Are you on the fence about how efficient your heating system is? New or existing customers we have some exciting news! There is a $1700 rebate for early boiler replacement through MassSave. If you are unfamiliar with MassSave, they send energy auditors out to assess the efficiency of your current heating system (along with other items in your home,) at no cost to you! If your boiler meets the age requirement of 30 years or older, is in working condition, then you QUALIFY! It’s that simple. What are the benefits of going through MassSave? Well, this particular program works with many banking institutions and credit unions to offer a zero percent interest 6 year heat loan. That means no money up front and you get your heating system replaced at exactly the cost quoted. Are you interested or curious? Please call the office at 508-763-2777 and Cheryl will give you the details on how to get the process rolling.

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